We are continuing to follow the bizarre story of the 11-year-old girl in Norwich who was allegedly murdered last week.

The Chenango County Sheriff’s office says they’ve arrested the girl’s mother, 38-year-old Mandy Martinez, but the charges are completely unrelated to her daughter’s murder. The woman said in a public statement earlier this week that she had not seen her daughter in the last three years while she has been downstate battling addiction.

It turns out Martinez also failed to appear in court in December 2014 on petit larceny charges. She was arrested without incident and remanded to the Chenango County jail on $500 cash bail.That is the same jail where the two men accused of murdering her daughter are currently being held.

Meanwhile in the murder case, a Preliminary hearing for 36-year-old James Brower has revealed that he also has two boys, and that those boys are half-brothers to Jacelyn. Those boys were home at the same time Jacelyn was found dead. Medical Examiner’s testified that the girl showed signs of recent sexual assault. Jacelyn’s mother, said earlier this week that she and Brower were romantically involved at one time.

Martinez also stated to media that Jacelyn had endured ongoing abuse throughout her life. Martinez said she felt helpless because of her past choices. At one point Brower had asked Martinez for permission to adopt Jacelyn, which Martinez vehemently opposed.

During Martinez’s 3 plus years away from her daughter, Jacelyn was cared for by a woman named Rebecca Hamm who also took care of her own children. Hamm told media this week that she is close with Brower’s children, and other family members. Hamm also said the Jacelyn usually spent all summer and every other weekend with Brower.