A Candor man will spend the next two decades in prison after an attempted murder. 22-year-old Jordan Stevens pled guilty to running over another man with a car.Stevens was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 5 years of post release supervision in Tioga County Court on Friday.Stevens charges included attempted murder, assault, strangulation, tampering with physical evidence, grand larceny and petit larceny charges.The charges stemmed from an incident in May 2016 in which prosecutors say Stevens was getting a ride home from Justin Wilcox, when Stevens attacked Wilcox in the parking lot of a Candor church. Stevens strangled Wilcox until he lost consciousness, dragged Wilcox out of the vehicle and jumped on Wilcox’s head.Stevens then took control of Wilcox’s car and drove over the victim. Stevens had left the parking lot before returning to run Wilcox over again because he did not think he had killed Wilcox the first time.Stevens then took Wilcox’s shoes and returned to the church an hour later to punch Wilcox in the head. After that, authorities say Stevens went to his home on Newman Road in Candor, where he threw clothes belonging to Wilcox behind a garage and drove Wilcox’s car into a field.According to the district attorney’s office, Stevens told police he attacked Wilcox because “his life wasn’t worth anything.”