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Michael Roque Enters Not Guilty Plea

Michael Roque was arraigned yesterday in Broome County Court on a second degree murder charge in the stabbing of Binghamton University freshman Joao Souza. Roque entered a plea of not guilty. Officials have said that Souza was... Read More.
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Mulch Blamed for Vestal House Fire

Fire investigators confirm a house fire on West Deerfield Place in Vestal was caused by mulch. Fresh mulch outside the home combusted and moved through wood siding of the home. No one was home at the time.... Read More.

Police Searching for Missing Vulnerable Adult

Binghamton Police are trying to track down a missing man.  Police say 19-year-old Kyle Nowalk was last seen on April 9th, in the morning, at the intersection of Main and Helen streets in Binghamton. ... Read More.

New Safety Procedures at BU

Binghamton University is implementing new safety procedures after a fatal stabbing happened on campus earlier this month.  President Harvey Stenger outlined new policies in a campus-wide email Thursday. Security cameras will be put in... Read More.
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Suspect Arrested in Binghamton University Homicide

A suspect has been arrested in the stabbing of a Binghamton University student on Sunday night. The Broome County District Attorney says 20-year-old Michael Roque, also a student at Binghamton University, is charged with 2nd degree murder.... Read More.

Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing at Binghamton University

Binghamton University Police and New York State Police are investigating a deadly stabbing that happened inside a residence hall on campus Sunday night. 19-year-old Joao Souza, a freshman engineering student died Sunday night. University officials say the... Read More.
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Vestal Police Open Drop Box for Medications

The Vestal Police Department has a new drop box for safe disposal of unwanted medications. The box is in the lobby of the Vestal Police Station at 605 Vestal Parkway West.  Police say reducing drug... Read More.
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Six Arrested Following Traffic Stop

A planned traffic stop by the Broome County Special Investigations Unit Task Force resulted in six arrests in Endicott and Vestal on Monday night. Following the traffic stop in Endicott, searches were executed on... Read More.