BU Issues Statement on Monday Night Ruckus, Two Arrested

Monday night, a speaker sponsored by the College Republicans was disrupted and ultimately prevented from presenting by a large group of students and others. The University anticipated that the event would attract demonstrators, given the challenges with a tabling activity by the College Republicans... Read More.

BU Issues Lenghty Statement on Campus Protest Incident

Vice President for Student Affairs Brian Rose has issued this statement related to a incident last week at Binghamton University involving student groups that resulted in campus police getting involved in the dispute you can watch videos of the incident by searching YouTube.

Binghamton Professor Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to M. Stanley Whittingham, distinguished professor of chemistry and materials science at Binghamton University. Whittingham won the prize for pioneering research leading to the development of the lithium-ion battery along with John B. Goodenough, University... Read More.