Roberson Museum & Science Center
50 Front Street, Binghamton, NY

Roberson Museum and Science Center is excited to announce the opening of its newest exhibition: Era of Change, 1910 -1930. Inviting guests to tour through a display of storied artifacts that embody a period of advancement, conflict, innovation, and adaptation.


“There’s a lot of important stories from this period and we can’t wait to share them with you,” said Natalie Shoemaker, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Roberson Museum. “We hope to connect people to this important time through local artifacts, like an original Girl Guide uniform from the Girl Scouts, or an IBM time clock that laborers would use to punch in and out of work.”


These beautifully curated objects hold the details of Binghamton’s and America’s past, surrounding immigration, Suffrage, labor, war, and innovation. Many of these pieces connect with one another, like the fashionable duster coat on display. It was also a functionable bit of attire to protect clothing from dust when riding in an open automobile, another innovation of this period


Visitors can touch history by taking the U.S. Citizenship test, seeing into the trunk of an immigrant, flipping through the World War I photo album of Private Ralph Kortrights, and casting a ballot in the box that received the first votes from the women in New York State in the Village of Lisle.


Era of Change is and exhibition meant to educate and illuminate not just the history of the past, but the ideals, movements, and changes that came about within these two decades.


“There’s much we have in common with the past, from the Women’s Parade of 1913 to the Women’s March today. There’s a lot we fought for and a lot of things we’re still fighting for,” said Shoemaker. “The importance of this exhibition is to answer ‘why’–why are things the way they are–for better or worse.”


This exhibition will be on view until summer.