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Now - Sun, Aug 30 at 5:00pm
Roberson Museum, Binghamton
30 Front St., Binghamton, NY

There’s a new, must-see art exhibition by Joseph Opshinsky at Roberson Museum & Science Center in Binghamton. Visitors can journey through 50 pieces depicting a range of flowering rural landscapes and decaying forgotten structures in the Binghamton area and northern Pennsylvania. Opshinsky has an eye for taking places we pass every day and focusing the viewer on something unnoticed. But perhaps most impressive about these pieces is Opshinsky’s use of cut paper placed and layered to create intricate collages of forgotten landscapes, reclaimed architecture, and daily life.

Statement from Joseph Opshinsky: “My art is rooted in the natural world and landscapes of Pennsylvania. The effects of the localized scenery, the remnants of past industry, and the plants and animals that inhabit the region have provided inspiration throughout my career. I strive to reveal the inherent beauty of overlooked and forgotten places, especially scenes reclaimed by nature.


“Over the past several years, my process has evolved from traditional painting and drawing to working in collaged paper. This medium provides an engaging set of challenges in terms of color, composition, and representation, all beginning with a contour line drawing. More recently, [outdoor] sketches and watercolor studies have become the starting point for my cut paper collages.”


This exhibition will be on display n Roberson’s second-floor gallery until August 30.