Poll: Trump leads Biden in Nevada


Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in Nevada, according to new polling.

With large victories in the latest presidential primaries on Tuesday, Trump and Biden both secured enough delegates to clinch their respective parties’ nominations.

In the poll from Noble Predictive Insights, Trump leads Biden by at least five percentage point in the swing state of Nevada.

“With a matchup between Trump and Biden now officially set, Trump starts in the lead,” NPI said in a news release announcing the results. “In a head-to-head with Biden, Trump leads by 5 points. When adding Robert F Kennedy Jr, Cornel West, and Jill Stein into the mix, his lead grows to +7.”

Kennedy is running as an independent after briefly challenging Biden in the Democratic primary. West also is running as an independent, and Stein is a member of the Green Party.

“While partisans are remaining loyal to their respective party’s candidate, the voters who are the closest to the middle prefer Trump,” NPI’s statement said. “In Nevada, registered Non-partisans/Independents are the plurality of the electorate, and Trump is winning them over by double digits.”

In a head to head, Trump leads Biden with 45% suuport to Bidens $40%, with 15% undecided. When Kennedy, West and Stein are added as options, Trump garners 40% support to Biden’s 33%. Kennedy received 11% support; West, 4%; and Stein, 2%. Ten percent were undecided.