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Cuomo Wants Patrons to Report 25 Percent Capacity Violations at Restaurants

Restaurants Must Publicly Post Their Indoor Dining Capacity and Phone Numbers to Report Violations; Patrons Who Observe Violations Can Report Issues by Calling 833-208-4160, or by Texting ‘VIOLATION’ to 855-904-5036 — Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said: “We’re going to ask New Yorkers to be the compliance officials. New Yorkers are the ones who have flattened the curve. New Yorkers are the ones who have been acting intelligently and who is going to do the enforcement in restaurants on the 25 percent? New Yorkers. And the restaurant association is going to do public service announcements and I’m going to be speaking about it.

“Restaurants have to post what the 25 percent capacity is and we’ll also post a phone number and a text number where if a patron in the restaurant between courses counts heads in the restaurant and sees that it’s more than 25 percent I’m asking them to text and report the violation to the task force so the task force can respond.

“I believe New Yorkers are going to do that. I believe New Yorkers have been looking out for one another which is the only way we defeat COVID and this is going to institutionalize that. So I think that’s going to work.”