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AgZeit Joins WEBO Morning Show

Jim Dutcher, GM/CEO – AgZeit, LLC & ValuAg, LLC joined the WEBO Morning Show to discuss their new programs and projects.  AgZeit is indoor, organic farming, growing FLOH (Fresh, Local, Organic, Healthy) foods year-round, using only seeds, soil, water, and light. They are currently located in the Union Endicott School District LWW/Tiger Ventures high school (in Broome County, NY).

As a part of their program, they help students develop skills necessary to open up their own business.  They are there mentoring students three days a week.  The students grow the equivalent of 20-25k pounds of food per year.   They are high volume production operation, from seed to production in 30 days.

AgZeit is taking place in the Fedex Small Business Start up competition and are looking for your help.  Vote for them and to help spread the word. You can learn more about their programs and projects by visiting:

You can listen to the full morning show interview below: