As a result of a case from earlier this year involving the arrest and subsequent conviction of John Elmer, he was added to the newly established Broome County Animal Abuser Registry today.

The registry was established earlier this year after Broome County Legislator Mary Kaminsky drafted legislation and the Broome County Legislature subsequently enacted a local law establishing the registry. The law directed the Broome County Sheriff’s Office to establish and maintain the registry.

Elmer, 40, whose address was posted on the registry as 34 Clinton St., Binghamton, was convicted of a New York State Agriculture and Markets Law related to torturing and injuring animals, and failure to provide proper sustenance, after he pleaded guilty in October 2018 as a jury trial was set to begin.

Elmer appeared in Broome County Court on December 7 for sentencing and, at that time, was directed to report to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office to register.