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Binghamton East Middle School Evacuated Wednesday Due To Smoke

Binghamton East Middle School students were forced to evacuate after a small explosion inside their school.  Teachers say the fire alarm went off around 2 PM yesterday. School officials say the culprit was a four-inch lithium battery on a wall-mounted clock that malfunctioned. It blew up after a custodian took the clock down and into his office.  No one was injured, just a few inconveniences when it came to school dismissal.  Firefighters were ventilating the building and a normal school day is expected today.
“All the students have really evacuated remarkably, all accounted for, all teachers doing a phenomenal job of taking attendance with all of them. It was just picture perfect in terms of what should happen in an emergency,” said Assistant Superintendent Steven Dienhardt.
As a precaution, the same lithium batteries have been removed from clocks throughout the Binghamton School District.

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