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Binghamton JCC Fires Employee Who Left Loaded Gun at Center

From the Jewish Community Center: “The Jewish Community Center (JCC) dismissed a staff member due to an incident that occurred while the JCC was closed for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, after the building was shut down for the holiday, a staff member was leaving for the day and left his licensed handgun in the maintenance area. Another member of the staff found it and locked it away.

The staff member does possess a NYS Concealed Carry license, however, the JCC has a strict no gun policy and we had no choice but to terminate his employment.

At the end of the day on January 7, 2020, we received notice that our status with the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) was changed to, “pending revocation”. This means we are still permitted to operate as usual while the “enforcement action” is being resolved.

The enforcement action was issued regarding the firearm on the property. We have been in contact with the appropriate representative at OCFS and expect a resolution before the end of this week.

As always, the safety and well-being of the children in our care is our top priority and we take this notice very seriously. We value the positive relationship we have with OCFS and are dedicated to the standard they put in place to maintain high-quality childcare. We are confident that our 80-year history of providing quality pre-school and childcare services will continue to be top rate.”