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Trade In Old Refrigerators For Cash

Out with the old and in with the savings. A new recycling program is encouraging homeowners to get rid of old, energy-wasting refrigerators, all free of charge.
NYSEG launched the program with this home pick-up in Binghamton. To qualify, your refrigerator or freezer must be in working condition. NYSEG will send someone to your house pick it up and they’ll give you $30 in return.  NYSEG officials say replacing an old fridge could save you up to $150 a year in utility costs.
“For a long time, we have encouraged our customers to use energy wisely and if they have a second refrigerator or freezer in their basement or garage, it’s an older unit that’s an energy hog, that’s certainly not using energy wisely. So best to get rid of that and even if you replace it, you can replace it with something new that’s much more efficient,” said Clayton Ellis, NYSEG Corporation Communication Manager.
The old refrigerators will be recycled for their parts. The program also applies to RG&E and National Grid customers.

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