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Broome Deputies: Do You Recognize the Man in Video?

Do you recognize the man in this video recorded Saturday by a survellance camera at a property in the Town of Union? Take a look and call the Broome County Sheriff’s Office voicemail at (607) 778-1900. Detectives want to ask him some questions.

Case Number: 19-16484 – Town of Union Recognize this individual?

Case Number: 19-16484 – Town of UnionRecognize this individual? On Saturday, August 17th, at around 8:35 pm – this individual made the right decision by not stealing this bicycle. 🚲 But, we'd still like to make his acquaintance. 🤫👮‍♀️If you know him, please drop us a message on here, or:Leave a voicemail at: 607-778-1900 (Please refer to 19-16484)

Posted by Broome County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, August 18, 2019