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Endicott Mayor Opposes State Cuts

Endicott Mayor John Bertoni has joined his colleagues from across the state to slam the Governor’s plan that would eliminate Aid and Incentives for Municipalities. The state move would cost the village more than $312,000. The real world impact would mean either a massive tax hike or the reduction of services…if Endicott wanted to remain below the state-imposed 2% property tax hike. For 2017, the village’s annual expenses were valued at $27.8 million and state funding helped pay for public safety, public works and other vital services. In letters to Sen. Fred Akshar and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Mayor Bertoni voiced strong opposition to the governor’s budget proposal, which would eliminate state aid for 91 percent of New York’s smallest local governments — including Endicott. Bertoni said the elimination of this funding source would make it even more difficult for the village to follow through with its goal to reduce the property tax burden faced by residents.