New details have emerged from a fatal and suspicious weekend fire in Binghamton. An arrest has been made. Police say they took 45-year-old Wilfredo Pica-Torres into custody. He has been charged with murder, burglary and two counts of arson. Police said that the suspect entered an apartment on Walnut Street, beat two people and set the fire. Dead is 61-year-old Victor Banayan (Ba-NAY-an). A 27-year-old woman from the apartment escaped. Other occupants from the building including, adults and children, also escaped the burning apartment house. The woman sustained fractures and other injuries. Detectives tracked the suspect to a vacant nearby apartment. He allegedly torched that building as well, but occupants of the building safely escaped. SWAT was engaged. The suspect was injured but placed in custody. He’s in jail now. Police said Pica-Torres and the unnamed female victim has a past domestic / romantic relationship.