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Truck Driver Killed in Freakish Crash with Manure Spreader in Broome

The driver of a tractor-trailer was killed early Monday when his flatbed rig carrying 25 steel I-beams crashed with a farm tractor towing a manure spreader on Route 41 in the Town of Sanford in eastern Broome County.

Broome County Sheriff’s Office identified the deceased tractor-trailer driver as Cole M. Wood, 32 years of age,
Walton, in Delaware County. The driver of the farm tractor was Brad E. Decker, 61 years of age, Windsor, who was not injured.

Broome deputies released this report: The preliminary investigation indicates the tractor-trailer and farm tractor were traveling south on Route 41, just north of the Cornerstone Café. The farm tractor was ahead of the tractor-trailer. The operator of the tractor had the four-way flashers activated and a reflective “slow moving vehicle” placard was affixed to the rear of the tractor. Witnesses reported the driver of the tractor-trailer was traveling below the posted speed limit when the driver rounded a curve, saw the farm tractor, swerved to the right and went off the roadway into a ditch.

While going into the ditch, the left side of the tractor-trailer made impact with the right rear corner of the manure spreader. After the impact, the operator of the farm tractor swerved to the left and pulled into a parking lot. The tractor-trailer continued down the ditch, coming to rest in deep mud. After the rig stopped, the steel I-beams on the flatbed trailer continued forward and impacted the cab. The momentum and weight of the I-beams separated the cab from the chassis and drove the cab compartment, with the driver inside, an additional 40 feet from the rig. The driver was pinned between the steering wheel and the driver’s seat by the steel I-beams. The tractor trailer truck was owned by Richard Gray Trucking, Bainbridge.