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Vestal Police: Michigan Man Charged in Officer Shooting, Man Still in Intensive Care

Vestal police released a follow-up press release Friday regarding the officer-involved shooting May 13 on Route 17 in Vestal. The results of an investigation by the Vestal Police Department have determined the following:

Recovered Gun / Photo provided by Vestal Police Department

The individual in this case has been identified as 29 year old Colin Yurick of Michigan. Yurick was shot twice and remains in intensive care. There appears to be no explanation of why Yurick was in Vestal.

Approximately 3 hours prior to the incident in Vestal, Yurick is accused of a shooting incident in Bethlehem, Pa. In that case, it is alleged that around 6:31pm, Yurick parked his car (the same BMW that he was in on Rt. 17) at a gas station. He remained in his car for approximately 10 minutes until exiting and walking to his trunk. He removed a black long gun from the trunk that appeared to be a rifle, shouldered it, and began shooting at people who were standing near the store. He struck 3 individuals and several vehicles before calmly returning the gun to his trunk and driving away. It was determined that the projectiles were pellets and not from an actual firearm. There was no explanation for the shooting and it appeared to be entirely random. At least one of the victims required treatment at a local hospital.

Bethlehem Township Police did not identify Yurick as their suspect until Monday May 18, 2020, 5 days after the Vestal incident and the Vestal Police had no knowledge of the Bethlehem incident until that day as well.

Bethlehem Township PD have issued warrants for Yurick on the following charges:

o Aggravated Assault – attempts to cause or causes bodily injury with a deadly weapon (3 counts)

o Possession of an Instrument of a Crime with Intent to Use it Criminally

o Simple Assault (3 counts)

o Recklessly Endangering Another Person (3 counts)

o Criminal Mischief – damaging property

o Harassment (3 counts)

o Disorderly Conduct

o Carry/Discharge an Air Rifle in a Public Place

When Yurick was removed from his vehicle on Rt. 17, a black handgun fell to the ground. It was later determined to be a Sig Sauer .177 pellet pistol. The long gun in the Bethlehem incident has not been recovered.

Yurick will face felony criminal charges of Menacing a Police Officer and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 3rd Degree for the Vestal incident however, due to his medical condition, those charges have not yet been filed.

Yurick was arrested in Michigan in August of 2019 for brandishing a handgun during a dispute. That handgun also turned out to be a pellet pistol. The gun was held as evidence and the case is still pending prosecution.


At around 9:45pm on Wednesday May 13, 2020, Vestal police officers were dispatched to the area of mile marker 234 on Route 17 for a report of a disabled vehicle in the westbound lane.

The first officer on the scene found a vehicle stopped on the passing lane side of the highway, partially in the roadway with the driver’s door open. He approached the vehicle and spoke with the operator who was alone in the vehicle. During the conversation and without warning, the individual pulled a handgun up from his side. The officer fired his weapon and moved to a safe position, calling for assistance.

The operator of the vehicle closed his door and did not respond to any requests from police. Vestal Police Negotiators were on scene and for nearly 3 hours, attempted to get the operator to come out of the vehicle voluntarily. At around 12:45am the individual was taken into custody and transported to the hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds which appear to be non-life threatening.

No officers or any other persons were injured during the incident.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene and assisted the Vestal Police during the incident, including the NYS Police, Broome County Sheriff’s Office, Binghamton Police, Johnson City Police, Binghamton University Police, Endicott Police and the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office.

Further assistance was received from Vestal EMS, METRO SWAT, NYSP-Forensic Investigation Unit and the NYS Department of Transportation.