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Schools Like Union Endicott Face Major Cuts In Tomorrow's Election

Tomorrow is the Spring Election and the school districts from all over the state will have their proposed budgets voted on.  The state aid to many of the schools has dropped this year so many of the districts will have to make major cuts in their budget for next year.  Union Endicott School District’s aid fell over $4 million.  U-E Superintendant Dr. Suzanne McLeod says that their board took a philosophy of trimming everything so that very few things were eliminated entirely but,
Dr. McLoud Clip
McLeod says the goal is to have a positive outcome on the budget vote because if not there are only 2 routes to go including having a 2nd budget vote.  A 2nd budget vote would cost close to $10,000.
Reductions for 2011-12 budget proposal
• Attrition/Retirements – 21.3 full-time equivalents• Reductions in workforce – 29.15 full-time equivalents• 10 percent reduction in athletics   – Nine coaching positions and six teams• 10 percent reduction in extra-curricular programs and clubs• Summer projects• Wellness program• Temporary closure of Linneaus W. West Primary   – A.G. McGuinness will become K-5 with a new assistant principal• Eliminate instructional leader positions• Freeze hiring• Cut overtime by 50%• Eliminate/reduce summer work• Eliminate some BOCES programs   – Science Programs, School to Careers, Field Trips, Frost Valley, My Learning Plan and the Endicott Learning Center• Reduce other BOCES programs- Summer School, Regional Recruitment, IPA, Safety Specialist down to two days a week• Reduce all supply lines by 10%• Additional reductions- Conferences, memberships, advertising, recruitment expenses, workshops, time and material repairs, professional and technical services, literacy collaborative, Destination Imagination, reduce custodial subs by 33%, reduce general construction repairs by 33%, no furniture purchases, no equipment rentals, cut all non-aidable equipment, window washing and gym floor refinishing.

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