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Vestal District Responds to Activity Involving Website

Vestal school district has responded to alleged criminal activity involving the district’s website. Superintendent Jeffrey Ahearn issued a statement Monday afternoon, saying he has become aware of a Facebook post that shows inappropriate and false text purportedly on the school’s website. The post, which he believes originated as a Snapchat image, is a hoax. Ahearn said someone misappropriated an image of the website’s Home page and altered it to place inappropriate text on the image.

The superintendent’s statement wants to make it
clear that Vestal Central School District’s mission and culture embraces the wonderfully diverse student population that enriches our schools. He also said that the website is secure, and has not been hacked. The District’s IT Department is attempting an investigation to discover where the offending image originated.

Ahearn said he finds it unfortunate that such hate-filled displays are becoming more commonplace in our society.

By Michael Baldwin