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Cathy Haskell Named Tioga County Legislative Clerk

Chairwoman of the Tioga County Legislature announces the appointment of Cathy Haskell to the position of Tioga County Legislative Clerk, effective September 14. Haskell is a 26-year employee of Tioga County. During her career; she has worked for the Department of Mental Hygiene, and Economic Development and Planning. For the last eight years, she has served as Deputy Legislative Clerk.

Starting in 2014, Cathy served as the Deputy FMAS Project Manager as the County began a multi-year project of installing a new financial management accounting system (MUNIS). To date, she is still currently involved with assisting with the coordination of staff training, upon request.

Cathy is a team member of the County Wide Shared Services Initiative along with the chairwoman of the Legislature and the County Attorney. She is also a graduate of the Tioga County Institute for Advancement.

Cathy has also been working as a contract employee for the past 10 years for the Tioga County Industrial Development Agency as an Administrative Assistant. Most recently, Cathy is lending staff support to the Tioga County Property Development Corporation (Land Bank).