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You May Vote Early in New York State Starting Saturday

Early voting begins Saturday in Tioga County and throughout New York State. It continues until Sunday, November 3rd. The poll site for early voting will not be your usual poll site location.

Tioga County will have one poll site open for Early Voting, which will be in the same building as the Board of Elections offices: the A-frame Building at 1062 State Route 38 in Owego.

Voting at the polling site will be just like voting at your regular poll site. The early voting site has electronic poll books instead of paper signature books, and you will still be expected to sign in on the electronic poll book. You will then be given your ballot for your town and district, you will mark your choices, and then scan the ballot into the voting
machine to be counted.

Early voting hours have been posted on the Tioga County government website.

– By Michael Baldwin