It’s the second weekend in January — holiday lights are down, decorations are packed away until next Christmas, kids are back in school, Valentine’s Day gifts are already stocked in local retail stores … even a Cadbury creme Easter egg display is set up in the main aisle of a well-known local grocery.


Apparently, many are ready to rush to spring, hoping for more of the unseasonably warm weather of recent weeks … but don’t bring out the shorts. That is expected to change during this second weekend in January with forecasters saying we’ll likely be in the midst of the first moderately sustained cold spell of winter in the Southern Tier.


Nothing bone-chilling but certainly noticeably colder, especially with gusty winds that could drop wind chills near zero. Bundle up … this will be the coldest weekend since Thanksgiving … daytime highs in the 20s, overnight lows will fall into the teens, maybe even the single digits.


Here are some numbers: The average daily high temperature this time of year is 28 degrees, the average overnight low is 18 … remember, those are the averages. The average daily daytime temperature this winter have been 5 to 7 degrees warmer than average, overnight lows are about 3 degrees warmer than average.


A change is a-coming this weekend … daytime highs are expected in the low to mid 20s, overnight lows will fall into the low teens Saturday and Sunday night … you can feel the difference. At no time this winter, have we had four consecutive days and nights … Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday … with this level of daily cold weather.


Still, these will not be the coldest nights this winter … back on November 22 it was 3 degrees overnight … the next night, November 23, it was 0 degrees.


Shake off the dust from your heavy coats, gloves, scarves, mittens or whatever if you’re going outdoors this weekend … but no worries about ice or snow.