The New York State Department of Transportation announced Thursday that construction is resuming on the $152 million second phase of the 1-81/Route 17 Prospect Mountain reconstruction project in the city of Binghamton, Broome County. The project is reconstructing nearly nine miles of highway, replacing bridges and reconfiguring ramps to significantly improve traffic patterns in one of the Southern Tier’s busiest travel and commerce corridors. These improvements will also enable the New York State Department of Transportation to request federal designation of a four-mile stretch of Route 17 as I-86.


The project is reconstructing the interchange of I-81 Exit 4 (Binghamton/Port Dickinson) and Route 7 by replacing the viaduct bridge over the Norfolk-Southern Railroad tracks and Broad Avenue. Additionally, two new bridges are being built over the Chenango River in the city of Binghamton. This work will enhance safety by correcting vehicle weaving and eliminating traffic bottlenecks by limiting merging traffic and lane changes. Work is scheduled to be complete by December 2020.


Work planned for this construction season includes:

  • Completing reconstruction of the State Route 17/Interstate 81 interchange.
  • Completing the new State Route 17 eastbound Flyover Bridge.
  • Completing reconstruction of State Route 7.
  • Completing reconstruction of U.S. Route 11 (Front St).
  • Completing and opening all the Exit 4 on/off ramps.
  • Repaving Bevier Street and Broad Avenue.
  • Completing noise barriers construction.
  • Completing highway lighting improvements.
  • Installing Intelligent Transportation Systems, including traffic cameras and detectors to help monitor, manage and publicize traffic conditions.