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Troop C Makes 14 DWI/DWAI Arrests in Recent Days

Given that it’s National Drunk and Drugged Driver Month, the New York State Police has ramped up enforcement of the driving while impaired laws. In the last few days Troop C, which covers the Tioga/Broome region, made 14 DWI or DWAI arrested.

One of those arrests was the result of a complaint by a homeowner in Kirkwood. The resident reported an unknown vehicle was in their driveway, revving its engine and honking its horn. Troopers discovered a person in the driver’s seat and determined they were too impaired to be safely operating a vehicle. The driver was subsequently arrested for DWI.

In another case, troopers responded to a complaint of a vehicle driving all over the road and at 10 to 15 mph in a 55mph zone on a State highway. Troopers observed the vehicle swerving in their lane and also into the oncoming lane. A traffic stop was initiated, and the driver was found to be too impaired to safely operate a vehicle. Troopers also discovered pills not prescribed to the driver during the investigation. The driver was subsequently arrested.