Akshar Slams Democrats for Double Standard for NY Excelsior Scholarships


Sen. Fred Akshar has slammed Democrats in Albany who have kept applications granting free tuition to illegal immigrants open while closing the Excelsior Scholarship application available to citizen students, whose families are struggling even more due to forced business closures during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Who do they think they work for?” said Senator Fred Akshar. “In the midst of a crippling pandemic, why on earth would Albany’s One Party Rule slam the door in the face of law abiding citizens and their families, only to leave it open for undocumented and illegal immigrants?

“Families in communities across our state are barely getting by, and scholarship funding might be one of the last opportunities they have left to provide a good education for their children. Yet the Democrats in charge in Albany actively chose to cut off this educational lifeline for law-abiding local students and actively chose to continue funding tuition for illegal immigrants.

“Between the DREAM Act, so-called Bail Reform, and efforts to defund our Police, One Party Democrat Rule could save us all some time and effort by simply hanging a giant banner across the NYS Capitol with the words ‘We Don’t Care About Law-Abiding Citizens’ painted on it. New Yorkers would still get the same message.”

Tuition for SUNY schools is due in August, leaving parents nervous as they check the still closed application page.

In January 2019, Senate Democrats first passed the ‘DREAM Act’ giving free college to illegal immigrant to the tune of $27 million annually, said Akshar.