Akshar Wants to Block Cuomo’s NY Licence Plate Mandate

Sen. Fred Akshar has been a guest on the WEBO Morning Show.

Sen. Fred Akshar, R-52nd District, has submitted legislation to place a road block in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s path to increase license plate replacement fees and cut the cost of replacement plates for New York residents.

Akshar’s proposal (S.6693) would set the price of license plate fees at or below the actual cost to manufacture license plates. It also prevents the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles from creating additional fees for drivers to keep the same license plate number in the event of a design change. Finally, it requires the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to produce an annual report that details the cost of making New York license plates.

“It’s time to inject some common sense into the license plate replacement conversation,” said Akshar. “Before New York’s government drives yet another fee over the backs of the remaining residents who have yet to flee our state for a more affordable way of life, Albany needs to pump the brakes.”

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ new license plate replacement program requires drivers to pay $25 for new license plates and an additional $20 to keep their current plate number.

Last month, Cuomo announced the new fee structure and 10-year license plate replacement requirement along with a survey allowing New Yorkers to vote on the new plate designs.

“This legislation seeks to provide a reprieve to those already drowning in taxes and fees by limiting the amount the DMV can charge for replacement plates to the cost of production,” said Akshar.