Are You Ready for Some Football? Cuomo Wants NY Sports Teams to Resume Play


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York professional sports teams will begin training camps this week. Cuomo said sports will probably come back without people in the stadium or without having people in the arena. Cuomo said do it. Work out the economics, he said, we can help, we want you up, we want people to be able to watch sports to the extent people are still staying home.

“It gives people something to do. It’s a return to normalcy so we are working and encouraging all sports teams to start their training camps as soon as possible and we will work with them to make sure that can happen,” he said.

Cuomo had previously said: “I also have been encouraging major sports teams to plan reopenings without fans but the games could be televised. New York State will help those major sports franchises to do just that. Hockey, basketball, baseball, football, whoever can reopen were a ready, willing and able partner.

“Personal disclosure, I want to watch the Buffalo Bills but I’m still objective. I’m acting as Governor. There is no personal agenda here. Yes, I do want to watch the bills but that is not subverting my role as Governor. I think this is in the best interest of all the people and in the best interest of the State of New York even though I do have a coincident personal agenda because I want to watch the Bills but they are separate agendas. At least some would say I have a conflict of interest, I want to disclose it.”