Be Aware: Scam Bilks Fenton and Windsor Grandparents Out of Thousands of Dollars


New York State Police are warning residents of a phone scam that has targeted several elderly residents in Broome County.

Cases have been reported to New York State Police in both Fenton and Windsor.  Victims have lost thousands of dollars in a scam that preys on the emotions of concerned family members and fear.

Troopers and Investigators have seen several recent reports where someone has called identifying themselves as a police officer or court officer.  In each case, the caller explains how their grandson was stopped by law enforcement and found in possession of drugs and arrested.  They advise that they will release their “grandson” for a large cash bail.  The caller has told the victims to place a sizeable amount of money into a box outside their home and that it will be retrieved by an alleged court officer or by a courier service.  The caller also tells the victim not to call anyone else.

If you receive this type of call, do not give out personal information.  Ask questions and call the person who has allegedly been arrested or other family members.  Hang-up and resist the urge to act immediately.  Please do not fall for this scam.  The New York State Police reminds residents that no police agency or court will ever ask for money to be sent by mail, courier service or picked up from your home.