Brooklyn: Mom Won't Lend Car to Son; Four Die


Maksim Gelman, 23, was arrested by New York City Police after a 28 hour rampage that started in Brooklyn and ended in Times Square, leaving four dead..
Gelman, a graffiti artist, asked to borrow his mother’s Lexus Thursday morning.
When she refused a fight started. In the melee, he stabbed his stepfather to death.
Gelman then went to his ex-girlfriend’s house nearby and stabbed the girlfriend’s mother to death at about 10AM.
The girl friend, coming home after work, discovered her mother about 4PM and called 911.
Gelman was still in the house and chased Yelena Bulchenko, 20, outside, where he stabbed her 11 times. She died.
Escaping the scene in the Lexus, he collided with a Pontiac.
The driver confronted Gelman and was stabbed three times; he will survive.
Gelman drove off in the Pontiac, hitting a pedestrian, who later died.
He stabbed two more men that night, not fatally.
At 8AM, he was recognized by subway riders who saw his picture in the newspaper.
In an ensuing chase, that involved multiple subway lines, one passenger was stabbed.
Police on a subway train wrestled him to the floor and arrested him at the Times Square Station.
Final toll: four dead; four injured and expected to survive.

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