Buffalo Congressman Resigns Over Craigslist Scandal


Buffalo area Congressman Christopher Lee has resigned from Congress following revelations that he emailed a shirtless photograph of himself to a woman seeking a relationship on Craigslist.
In his resignation letter, the married Congressman said he had made profound mistakes and was seeking forgiveness from his family, staff and constituents.
Gawker reported Wednesday that Lee responded to an ad from a 34-year-old woman posted in the “Women for Men” section of Craigslist in January.
The woman said she was seeking financially and emotionally secure men who don’t look like toads.
Lee apparently responded to the ad claiming to be a divorced, 39-year-old lobbyist.
He sent the woman a two photographs of himself, including one in which he is shirtless and flexing.
When the woman discovered that Lee is actually married and a member of Congress, she sent the correspondence and pictures to the Gawker web site.

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