Forty Hunting Cabin Burglaries Reported in Pennsylvania


The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating approximately 40 burglaries which have been reported since the middle of January.
These burglaries occurred in remote locations of Lenox, Gibson, Harford, Ararat, Clifford, Herrick and New Milford Townships.
The homes burglarized were primarily hunting cabins or seasonal residences.
Items taken range from cash and electronics to souvenirs and household goods.
The burglars used force to gain entry to the residences, usually by forcing open a window or door.
State Police ask citizens in the affected communities are asked to be extra alert and take notice of any pedestrian or vehicle traffic in these areas, day or night.
Please report all suspicious activity to PSP Gibson @ 570.465.3154.
Callers are asked to reference the “cabin burglaries”.

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