‘Stormy’ the dog finally adopted from Animal Care Sanctuary to forever home


(East Smithfield, PA) – Stormy arrived at the Animal Care Sanctuary, in Bradford County, as a transfer from an overcrowded shelter in New Jersey that struggled  to cope with an influx of dogs. Stormy was estimated to be five-years old, with an infectious enthusiasm, evident in her smiles and joyful wiggles. Her past remained a mystery, but it was clear she had spent a significant portion of her life in shelters, including one year at ACS.

Upon intake, dogs undergo a comprehensive behavioral assessment to evaluate their interactions with humans, other dogs and resource guarding. While Stormy’s assessment showed promise overall, she struggled to interact with other dogs. Consequently, she joined ACS’s Behavior Modification Program, recognizing that behavioral issues are a leading cause of dogs ending up in shelters each year. Stormy participated in the program throughout her stay at ACS.

A turning point came when Jess, a pre-veterinary student, chose Stormy as her foster dog for her six-week internship. Jess was determined to find Stormy a permanent home before her internship ended. Jess created a compelling video, sharing her story and need for a home. Stormy was adopted the following day, but an unexpected twist saw her return to the shelter less than 24 hours later. Then, Stormy’s adopters had a change of heart and requested another chance, opting to foster her this time. After less than a month, Stormy returned to ACS. We revisited her training with the goal of preparing her for a permanent home.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Stormy has found her forever home. Stormy is already so loved by her new mom. Though the transition has not been without challenges, Stormy’s mom is committed to helping her acclimate to her new environment. She is providing the care and support that Stormy needs, and for that, ACS is grateful. We extend our best wishes to Stormy and her family as they embark on this new chapter.