Appellate Court Declines More for Kinge


An Appellate Court has declined to raise the award given to a woman who was wrongfully imprisoned in the early 1990s.
74-year-old Shirley Kinge served two years in prison wrongfully accused of arson and murder in connection with the shooting deaths of a Dryden family of four in 1989.
Kinge was freed from prison in 1992 after two state police officers admitted to planting evidence of her involvement at the scene. She sued for malicious prosecution and was awarded $250,000 last year.
Kinge thought it should have been more, appealing the award saying she wanted $500 million. A panel of judges said no this week.
Kinge’s son, Michael, was suspected of killing the family and burning their home in an attempt to cover up the crime. He was killed two months later in a shootout with troopers.

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