Athens Area School District issues statement on ‘unsubstantiated threat’


The Athens Area School District said late Monday morning that it received information on an “unsubstantiated threat from an unknown person who claimed they were from New Jersey.”

Here is the complete statement that was sent out on the Athens Area School District app:

Good morning,

The Athens Area School District received information through our Safe2Say application (an anonymous way to report many types of incidents) from one of our students about an unsubstantiated threat from an unknown person who claimed they were from New Jersey.  

The AASD worked with local law enforcement and gave them all information that we received.  In working together, it was determined that our students, faculty, and staff are safe, and it was safe and appropriate for them to attend school.  Law enforcement planned a response of being highly visible in and around our campus and you will see a high presence of law enforcement throughout the week.  We appreciate our students being diligent and always reporting information when they can.  

This is a great reminder that if you see or hear something, please say something.  We would direct you to our website where you can find information regarding our threat assessment team and the different types of threats that may be received.  We then evaluate those threats in conjunction with local law enforcement and plan an appropriate course of action following our district safety protocol and procedures.  

If a threat was ever substantiated and deemed to be imminent, we would always communicate immediately to inform our community of the threat.  When a threat is not substantiated or not imminent, we take our time to work with law enforcement, collect all of our facts, and then make a statement once we feel we can do so with accuracy and facts.  Regardless, if a threat is real or not, we take all threats, statements, and comments seriously as the safety and security of our community and our schools is our number one priority and follow through with an appropriate response.  We are still in the process of collecting and gathering information and will report out any updates if any further information is received.  


Thank you,    

Corey T. Mosher

AASD Safety and Security Coordinator


Craig J. Stage

AASD Superintendent