Bradford County United Way Celebrates 40th


Bradford County United Way held their 45th Anniversary Luncheon at the Grouse in Towanda yesterday. Our very own, Irene Radigan, is a board member of the Bradford County United Way and shared her insights on the event. There were many Special guests in attendance such as The PA State treasurer, Stacy Garrity, BC Commissioners Daryl Miller and James Sullivan, Representation from Senator Yaws Office as well as representation from Tina Picketts Office, Jan Lee, the Executive director of the Greater Valley Chamber, Rhondda Clayborn, the Executive Director of the Central Bradford County Chamber, Representatives from UTLX and the President of the United Way of Pennsylvania, Kristen Rotz. Kristen shared a presentation with all guests regarding the many challenges in Bradford County and the boundaries that many individuals are currently facing such as help with basic neccessities. 211 has been overinnondated with phone calls requesting help with rent, utilities, and food. She further discussed the Alice Survival Budget. Alice is an acroyn that stands for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed households. She explained some examples of those who be classified as an Alice is someone that may be in the caretaking profession such as home healthcare aids, anyone in the service industry, or retail sector. Without these individuals working in these fields the quality of life would be much different. In 2021 she noted that only 44 percent of PA’s struggling households had emergency savings. For more information or stats you can visit