Miller, McLinko, Gates secure Bradford County Commissioner seats


TOWANDA – A contested race for Bradford County Commissioner highlighted the 2023 general election on Tuesday.

Republican incumbents Daryl Miller and Doug McLinko won re-election as newcomer Zachary Gates earned the third commissioner’s seat.

Miller received the most votes with 7,616, while McLinko earned the votes of 6,745 county residents. Gates, a Democrat, received 4,680 votes to beat out Kim Pitcher (4,138 votes) for the third spot on the board of commissioners.

The only other contest race on the county level was for two spots as county auditor, which went to Republicans Roxanne Gilbert-Wells (8,464) and Sebrina R. Shanks (7,967). They beat out Democrat Todd Grater, who received 3,999 votes.

Richard Wilson is the next district attorney for Bradford County after receiving 12,060 votes. He ran unopposed after earning the nomination of both parties in the primary.

County Coroner James Bowen, Sheriff CJ Walters, Treasurer Matthew P. Allen, Register-Recorder Sheila M. Johnson and Prothonotary Tammy Hart all ran unopposed.

Incumbent magisterial district judges Jonathan Wilcox (4,042), Larry Hurley (2,640) and Todd Carr (1,937) all won re-election, while newcomer Ryan Leo Edsell won his seat with 3,765 votes.

In Athens Borough, Scott Riley, Robert Williams and Walter Chaykosky retained seats on the borough council as there were four seats open. There were 45 write-in votes, which will determine who earns the fourth spot on the council.

Matt Moore and Ron Reagan took the two six-year terms on the Athens Township Board of Supervisors with 754 and 737 votes, respectively. There were 104 write-in votes.

For the two-year seat, Bonnie Petruschak earned 828 votes compared to just 94 write-in votes.

In Canton Borough, Joy Williams (181), Michael D. Schulz (167), George T. Jennings (164) and Brett E. Neely (164) won the four seats on the borough council. Gary Ferguson (402) earned the six-year seat as township supervisor.

William Zurn earned 279 votes for a six-year term as Litchfield Township supervisor, while Sandra Call won 281 votes for the six-year term as township auditor and Joan E. Barton got 278 for the two-year term as auditor.

In Ridgebury Township, Luke Jelliff beat Ava DeConto 236-154 for the six-year term as supervisor.

Cynthia Coyle Parrish (160) and Roxanne Stevens Testen (154) won the two seats on the South Waverly Borough Council. They will serve four year terms.

The four seats on the Sayre Borough Council went to Jessica Meyer (607), Cori Belles (583), Dan M. Wayman (583) and Derrick P. Hall (564).

In Sheshequin Township, Joseph Richter won the six-year seat as supervisor with 220 votes, while in Smithfield Township Brian E. Harris earned the six-year term as supervisor with 316 votes.

The two seats in Ward 1 for Towanda Borough Council went to William Roof (91) and Ryan Eberlin (86). Jonathan B. Schulze won the one seat in Ward 2, while J. Mark Christini (233) and Michelle Vera Hatch (217) won the seats in Ward 3.

Charlotte S. Sullivan won the six-year seat as Towanda Township Supervisor with 180 votes, while Joseph Snell took the four-year spot with 187 votes.

In Ulster Township, Reed Bidlack won the six-year term as supervisor with 215 votes.

Joshua P. Kilmer (91), Joshua VanDeMark (88) and Deirdre Huber (79) won seats on the Wyalusing Borough Council, while Jim Souto earned 276 votes to win the six-year supervisor seat and Bonnie Mader took the auditor spot with 291 votes.

The Athens School Board Region 1 (Athens Borough) race went to incumbents Chris Jones (393) and Chuck Frisbie (388), who ran unopposed.

In Region 2, which includes Athens Township and Sheshequin, John Cheresnowsky (790) held off write-in candidate Kevin  Leavenworth. There were 477 write-in votes cast.

Kathy Jo Minnick (750) and Jason R. Johnson (744) took the Region 3 (Smithfield, Ridgebury, Ulster) spots.

In Canton, David DeCristo (415) and Arica Jennings (388) beat Matt Jennings (174) in Region 1. In Region 2, William G. Holland, III (207) ran unopposed. There were 39 write-in votes which will decide who earns the second seat open in the region.

For the Northeast Bradford School Board, Richard Jones (1,029), Debra Hicks (1,023), Shane Chapman (954), Louis Ugliuzza (793) and Connie Kuhlman (759) won the five open seats.

In Sayre, Pete Quattrini (1,087), Andrew Hickey (1,048), Patricia Hughey (1,032), Debra Agnew (971) and Donald Skerpon (921) took the four-year seats. Kevin Hadlock (806) and Bryan Roof, II (768) beat out JoAnn Sabatura (624) for the two, two-year terms.

For Towanda, Scott Hauser (510) and Evelyn Sherburne (505) won the Region 1 seats on the school board. In Region 2, Matthew Wheeler (757) and Brooks H. Greenland (543) earned the two open seats, while Patrick McIntosh won the four-year spot in Region 3 with 515 votes. Ashley Popovich took the two-year seat in Region 3 with 519 votes.

In Troy, Lisa Campbell (618) and Tad Culkin (605) took the two four-year seats in Region 1, while Tytus Lee Zimmerman (668) beat Sarah Murray (232) for the four-year term in Region 2, and Patricia Holley won the two-year term with 821 votes.

In Region 3, Ryan Schrader (760) and Abe Capece (565) earned the two four-year terms, and Jolene A. Smyth took the two-year term with 842 votes.

Duane Naugle won the four-year seat in Wyalusing Region 1 with 602 votes. Lori A. Keeney-Naugle won the Region 2 seat with 499 votes and Daryl Travis Knapp (291) and Tiffani L. Warner (217) earned the seats in Region 3.

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