Sayre Borough Council approves large scale mural project celebrating the “Heart of Sayre”


SAYRE — The Sayre Borough Council has given the green light to an exciting and ambitious public art initiative that will transform the corner of Lockhart Street and Elmer Avenue. A stunning mural measuring 12 feet in height and stretching 88 feet long is set to adorn the side of the Wheelock Place Building at 100 S Elmer Ave., owned by William and Michelle Buck and currently occupied by the Celebrations Black Diamond Café, breathing vibrant life into downtown Sayre.

The mural titled “Welcome to the Heart of Sayre,” co-funded by the Bradford County Regional Arts Council and the Friends of Sayre Public Art, aims to encapsulate the essence of Sayre and its community. The mural’s design was influenced by valuable input from the local community during a town meeting, where residents shared insights into local landmarks, the historical significance of the area, and what makes Sayre truly special.

Lead artists Cat Badger and Dana Twigg, in collaboration with assisting artists Kevin Heath and Erik Franklin, have brought this vision to life. The mural’s production involves a unique blend of techniques, including projecting images, stenciling, and pasting pre-painted mural canvas onto the exterior brick surface.

What truly sets this mural apart is the innovative approach to its creation. The mural canvas allows for extensive indoor painting during the cold winter months, enabling a swift installation during the warmer spring and summer weather. This canvas will be designed as a large “paint by number,” providing an inclusive opportunity for the community and artists of all skill levels to contribute to the finished masterpiece.

In the coming weeks, the Friends of Sayre Public Art will be hosting painting events inviting the community to pick up a brush and be a part of this exciting project. Clint and Holly Keller, owners of The Enterprise Center, are graciously providing ample indoor space for the community to actively participate in bringing the mural to life. To stay up-to-date on this new project and the community painting sessions, visit the Friends of Sayre Public Art on Facebook or email [email protected].


Friends of Sayre Public Art (FOSPA) is a dynamic non-profit organization comprising local artists and passionate community members united by a shared vision — to enrich the historic fabric of Sayre, PA through vibrant art installations and engaging public art initiatives.

Our mission is to transform public spaces into captivating canvases that reflect the spirit, history and uniqueness of the region. FOSPA brings these artistic endeavors to life with the support of generous contributors from our community, whose contributions, both large and small, play a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape of Sayre.

Join us in fostering creativity, community pride, and a lasting legacy of art for the people, by the people. Together, we are the driving force behind the aesthetic evolution of Sayre, creating a more vibrant and inspiring environment for everyone to enjoy.


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