Valley United Presbyterian Church, Epiphany Roman Catholic Church teaming up for new series


The Valley United Presbyterian Church and the Epiphany Roman Catholic Church are coming together to offer the community a five-week ecumenical series, “Love Your Neighbor.” It will be held every Wednesday, starting February 21 and running through March 20, at 5:45 in the evening.

“Lent is the season when we deepen our relationship with our Lord, and are able to reflect on our Christian commitment and what it means to live a life of service to our fellow human being,” explained Father Daniel Toomey of Epiphany Parish in Sayre.

“During Lent, we not only give something up to remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice, but we replace it with a spiritual practice that brings us closer to God. Learning of ways to become closer to God and putting it into action is a beautiful Lenten spiritual practice,” said Rev. Sharan Knoell, pastor of Valley United Presbyterian Church.

According to a press release, this series will present five different perspectives to stimulate a thoughtful discussion of our responsibilities regarding all of us being a member of God’s family.

“Our hope is these discussions bring people together, motivated with a sincere interest in learning more about their neighbor, the needs in our community, and how they can contribute to making this a kinder world,” the press release said.