Wagon House at French Azilum open for Susquehanna Summer Solstice Festival


The switch was recently flipped in the 1850’s Wagon House at French Azilum to provide electricity for the artisans working in that historic space. Thanks to Bishop Brothers, Arey Building Supply and volunteers John Voda, Kevin Tama, Josh Pelton and Brooks Eldredge-Martin for making it happen. While the electrical work was happening, Joan and Mike Hudyncia organized the 19th century equipment so the public can enjoy it under the new lighting..

The Wagon House will provide a place for a variety of artists to show their work as well as give demonstrations of the historic equipment during the Susquehanna Summer Solstice Festival on Saturday and Sunday of the June 21-23 weekend festival.

Black smithing, metal welding, spinning, weaving and broom making are some of the demonstrations taking place. There’s more to see: braided rugs, wooden products, glass art, pottery to name more of the art that will be displayed at the upcoming festival.

All of this is an integral part of the Artisans of Azilum project that is helping to tell the story of French Azilum. A connection to the history of the site brings an amazing look back into the past when artisans were used to assist with building the village. And now, artisans are returning to the village to continue with the art forms that helped create the historic site.