Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan Delivers State of the City Address


Mayor Matt Ryan gave his State of the City address on Wednesday and the news was at best mixed.
Mayor Ryan sees a dire financial situation in large part due to an economy that hasn’t roared back combined with the ever-increasing costs in pension and health care.
The city will see a 40 percent increase in the city’s pension contribution and with expected health insurance payments, he foresees an extra $3.9 million in state mandates.
The mayor did use part of the address to highlight some positives.
Building permits in Binghamton went up 30 percent, including three student housing projects, where nearly 700 students will live.
Mayor Ryan also touched on cost-cutting measures.
Sharing police services with Johnson City cuts costs by $100,000 a year.
By collaborating with the county in tax collection services, more than a million dollars has been saved.
But he warns the way things are looking, many tough decisions lay ahead.

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