Binghamton State of Emergency Extended to Midnight


Mayor Matt Ryan, on the recommendation of public safety officials, has extended the City of Binghamton’s State of Emergency until midnight tonight.
Until then, City streets will remain closed to all motorists except for emergency vehicles.
“We’re taking all precautions to ensure that our streets are clear for emergency vehicles and all our citizens,” said Mayor Ryan.
“That’s why we’re joining our Johnson City neighbors in extending the State of Emergency, and it’s why we continue to urge motorists to park off-street as much as possible.
We also ask that our citizens review the latest information concerning our response to the snowfall, and that they contact us with questions and any concerns.
Communication is crucial to our work, especially at times like these, and we’ve established a number of ways for citizens to stay engaged.”
The Binghamton Fire Department urges citizens to clear paths to fire hydrants as well as ensure their furnace vents are clear.
Failure to keep vents clear can lead to a build up of carbon monoxide.
Alternate Side Parking Reminders (New!)
Alternate Side Parking remains in effect, and the City reminds motorists to move their vehicles to the even side of the street at 5:00pm today.
If the even side of your street has not been plowed, you will not be ticketed for failing to move your vehicle.
As soon as the even side has been plowed, however, please move your vehicle.
The Alternate Side Parking season ends the afternoon of March 15th. Click here for a list of these rules.
Off-Street Parking
The City continues to urge motorists to park off-street as much as possible to allow for better plowing.
City parking ramps (on Water Street, State Street and Collier Street) are open free of charge all day and overnight.
The parking lots of City parks also are available for motorists to park off-street if they do not have other options.
Towed Vehicles
If your vehicle has been towed, please call 723-5321 for more information.
City Hall Operations and City Hall
City Operations and City Hall are scheduled to open for normal hours tomorrow.

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