State of Emergency Across Broome County Lifted at 5PM, Some Municipalities Extend Until Midnight


Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala, on the recommendation of the County Office of Emergency Services, is lifting the State of Emergency across Broome County.
Reports from across the county indicate that the need for a State of Emergency is no longer necessary across most of Broome County so the declaration made earlier today will be lifted at 5pm.
HOWEVER, there are still parts of the county; City of Binghamton and Village of Johnson City, that are still having difficulty clearing some roadways.
The City of Binghamton says its declaration remains in effect until midnight tonight.
The Village of Johnson City says its State of Emergency remains in effect until midnight as well.
In both municipalities, cars must be removed from the street or they may be towed at owners expense.
The heavy snows and so many parked cars have hampered snow plowing efforts in both municipalities.
Again, Broome County is lifting its State of Emergency across Broome County.
Broome County Sheriff David Harder says a travel advisory remains in effect after 5pm as drifting snow and icy spots could cause hazardous conditions on the roadways.
Again, the City of Binghamton is extending its declaration until midnight and the Village of Johnson City is extending its State of Emergency until midnight as well.
Because many roads remain difficult to navigate, BC Transit will NOT resume operations tonight.
The service was canceled earlier today because of the poor road conditions and the inability of the buses to travel many of the streets.
Many of those same streets remain impassable so service will not resume this evening. Riders should expect full service to begin again Tuesday morning as scheduled.

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