Broome 3rd Quarter Drug Deaths Down after March Spike

Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell

Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell released drug overdose death data Tuesday for
the third quarter of 2019. Nine deaths have been confirmed.

Third quarter overdose deaths by year:
• 2019: 9
• 2018: 9
• 2017: 13
• 2016: 24

Historically the summer months see the highest number of overdose deaths. Prior to the third quarter, Broome County reported a spike of 12 deaths in March, including six in a 10-day period, prompting officials to declare a State of Emergency and create a Drug Overdose Response Team to monitor and respond to the spike in overdoses (fatal and non-fatal).

As part of this effort, specific scenarios and criteria have been developed to identify an irregular spike in drug overdoses, including historical data, trends, frequency, potency, etc. In the event of a spike in overdoses, the team will convene an emergency meeting to evaluate the situation and implement
a plan to reduce the harm to the public.