UPDATED: Binghamton Man Killed in Standoff with Troopers in Deposit


UPDATED: On Tuesday at approximately 2:00 p.m., troopers from State Police Deposit were dispatched to 4167 State Route 8 in the Town of Deposit for a possible burglary in progress. Within minutes, troopers arrived on the scene and found a white male inside holding a long gun. At that time, the suspect pointed the gun in the troopers’ direction. The troopers retreated to cover and notified dispatchers the suspect was armed and additional uniform patrols were sent to the scene.
The suspect was tentatively identified as Clint Stevens, age 34, of Binghamton. The responding troopers established a perimeter around the scene and observed the suspect outside the residence holding two long guns, one pointed at his torso and the other pointed outward. Troopers were unable to get the suspect to put down the weapons. It was also determined that residence is owned by his parents and that Stevens was alone. 
State Police negotiators, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and additional patrol resources were sent to the scene. At that point, Stevens discarded one of the long guns inside the residence, but continued to pace back and forth, holding a long gun to his stomach. State Police negotiators were able to establish a rapport with Stevens, who at times was agitated and incoherent.  Stevens made admissions to negotiators that he was high on methamphetamine and continued to hold the long gun to his torso.   
The State Police Special Operations Response Team and Bearcat Tactical Vehicle were summoned and staged close by as negotiations continued with the suspect.  At approximately 4:30 pm Wednesday, during the negotiations, Stevens calmed to the point and negotiators thought he was going to surrender.  Instead, he said he was going to take more methamphetamine, produced a syringe and proceeded to inject himself with the substance with the long gun placed at his feet. Stevens then retrieved the long gun and continued a dialog with negotiators, becoming belligerent and confrontational with the negotiators.
At approximately 6:25 pm Wednesday, Stevens became highly agitated and retreated into residence. Troopers and members from the Special Operations Response Team were in place watching the residence. Negotiators were moved into the Bearcat for safety and the Bearcat was used to light up the residence. Stevens started to break windows and point a long gun out various windows at the Bearcat and perimeter.
At approximately 6:45 pm, the Bearcat’s PA system was used by negotiators, but the suspect continued to break windows and smash objects inside the residence. 
At approximately 7:37 pm, Stevens shot two rounds at the Bearcat from inside the residence, striking the Bearcat with one round near the windshield.
At approximately 7:45 pm, the suspect suddenly emerged from residence armed with a rifle and handgun, aiming outward toward perimeter members and was shot and killed.

ORIGINAL NEWS RELEASE: New York State Police reported details this afternoon of a shooting Wednesday afternoon in the Town of Deposit. State Police encountered an armed, suicidal individual around 2 p.m. at a residence on State Route 8 in the Town of Deposit. After several hours of negotiations, the subject fired his weapon at troopers, who returned fire, striking the subject, who died at the scene.

Additional information will be released later today.