Endicott Police Department warns of new phone scam


The Endicott Police Department has received several calls of fraudulent activity related to a two-part scam involving telephone calls with false information.

First – potential victims receive a phone call from what the caller purports to be a financial institution stating that the victim’s identity and/or banking information has been compromised and that they will receive a telephone call from the Endicott Police Department (or any other police department).

Second – a follow-up telephone call is made to the victim with a caller ID that appears to be from a police department and the caller identifies themselves as an employee of the department or a police officer.

DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE TELEPHONE unless you are personally familiar with a police officer who is conducting an investigation on your behalf.

Police Departments do not contact victims and request personal or financial information over the telephone. Make sure that anyone you speak with is, in fact, a police officer by calling the department back using publicly published telephone numbers and not numbers provided to you by the alleged police officer.

If you have any questions or have fallen victim to this scam, call your local police department.