Capital Projects Approved In Four School Districts

Residents in four Southern Tier school districts approved capital projects on Tuesday. The projects called for building and grounds improvements ranging from $3 million to $17 million. Voters in the Union-Endicott district approved their proposal with 57 percent of the vote, Johnson City and Susquehanna Valley voters approved their plans by about 4-to-1 margins, and Windsor voters approved their plan with 70 percent of the vote.
In Union-Endicott, the $7 million project includes $2.3 million in improvements to the high school, with each district building receiving upgrades with the money. Residents in the district will be responsible for about $100,000 of the total cost.
Johnson City had the most expensive proposal at $17.8 million, which will be dedicated to a new science wing in the high school, along with other improvements. Funding is not expected to affect taxes. Windsor’s $16 million project includes kitchen renovations and upgrades to fire alarms, and voters also approved a separate $400,000 bus replacement plan.
Susquehanna Valley will be installing new theatrical lighting to the high school auditorium, along with other upgrades. Taxes should not be affected for the district’s $3 million proposal.

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