Chemung Looks to Ban Weapons in County Buildings


Chemung County is looking to enact a law that’s already been implemented in several other New York counties.  Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss wants to ban deadly weapons from county buildings.
Currently, if someone enters a Chemung County building with a weapon, a security officer confiscates it and returns it when the owner leaves. This law would prohibit firearms, knives or metal knuckles from entering the building at all.
While some say the proposed law is a good idea because it would help keep the community safe, others say it goes against the Constitutional right to bear arms.
If the law is passed, those who violate it could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
The law will be presented to the County Legislature late next month. Until then, Sheriff Moss says he will meet with the county DA and county executive to tweak the proposal.

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