Community design opinions sought on Elmira’s Clemens Center Parkway


The Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council (ECTC) will hold a Listening Session & Community Focus Group on Monday, August 21st from 5:00-6:00PM at the Steele Memorial Library. This free and open-to-the-public event will allow ECTC to gather valuable insights and feedback regarding a potential grant application to study the feasibility of improving Clemens Center Parkway in Chemung County.

This potential project aims to create a more pedestrian-friendly and accessible transportation corridor, enhancing safety and quality of life for all residents and visitors. The Clemens Center Parkway, a vital artery within our community, has long served as a critical thoroughfare for motorists. With the objective of promoting multi-modal transportation options, enhancing public safety and fostering a sense of community, Chemung County and ECTC are aiming to understand how the community might reimagine the future of this Parkway.

The community listening session will include a brief presentation from ECTC and will welcome discussion from local officials, community groups, residents, business owners, commuters, pedestrians, cyclists, and other relevant stakeholders. Their input will play a pivotal role in shaping the pre-planning
framework and priorities around the future of Clemens Center Parkway, which will aid in the pursuit of future grant opportunities to fund studies of this nature.

The event will foster an open dialogue, encouraging participants to share their experiences, concerns and aspirations for Clemens Center Parkway. Attendees will have the opportunity to express their ideas for potential improvements, such as curb bump outs at intersections, new or expanded sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes, improved lighting and accessible public transit facilities.

“We have looked at the data and the history of this major roadway and it is clear that improvements could be made to enhance safety and connectivity. Before diving into possible solutions, we need to understand the priorities and preferences of the community so we can best determine feasible next steps
that are aligned with the community’s vision. This listening session is an opportunity for us to hear fromthose who live, work and commute along this roadway about what matters most to them”, said ECTC Director, Kevin Meindl.

We encourage all community members to participate in the upcoming Listening Session & Community Focus Group scheduled for Monday, August 21st from 5:00-6:00PM at the Steele Memorial Library and share their valuable insights. Together we can build a brighter future for tCl Clemens Center Parkway, fostering a safer and more resilient Chemung CountFo

For more information about this event, please contact the Chemung County Grants Manager at [email protected]