Curves Gyms Forced to Reimburse for Prepaid Memberships to Locations that Closed


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced an agreement with Curves International to reimburse New Yorkers who prepaid for memberships to gyms that had closed their doors.
As part of the settlement, Curves International will set up a reimbursement fund for consumers who paid for health club services that were discontinued.
Curves International did not provide refunds when independently owned Curves Health Clubs franchises went out of business.
Curves International will establish a restitution fund for the consumers who requested a membership refund from any Curves club that closed in 2009.
They will pay up to $100,000 into a reimbursement fund, which will be overseen by the Better Business Bureau.
Curves will pay an additional $60,000 to New York State for the costs of the investigation.
In 2009, 60 Curves health clubs across the state had also gone out of business without providing refunds to their members, including one in Broome County.

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